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Deliberate or not 10 percent bonds are putting our community at risk.  When the court doesn't give a Surety option they in essence are allowing people to post bonds at 10 percent with no recourse on the total bond amount.

For example: If someone posted a ten thousand dollar ten percent bond they pay the court one thousand dollars.  If the individual misses court , the court keeps the one thousand dollars and never attempt to collect the "ten thousand dollars" that is how the court is making money at the expense of the community's safety.

Two specific examples recently in Clark County Ohio.  A bond was set for an individual with 16 Felony Charges (mostly drug related) at 10 percent only.  The combined bond for the defendant was $150,000. Even though the court says it is a $150, 000 bond it never really is because at no time is anyone responsible for $150,000.  They allow someone to pay $15,000 to the court and let them go. It should be illegal to call a bond a $150,000 bond if it NEVER has the responsibility of a $150,000 bond.  It is just a name for a $15,000 cash only bond that the court is using to generate revenue and NOT ensure due process nor public safety.

The second example in Clark county also was for distribution of drugs. That bond was set at $10,000 ten percent. Once again, nobody ever is responsible to pay $10,000 but yet it is titled a "ten thousand dollar bond"- in name only.  This individual that is being charged with distributing drugs is permitted to be back on the streets in Clark county for $1,000.  Most people would believe that if the person was really selling drugs, he could afford $1,000 to get out- especially with no liability at all on the alleged $10,000 bond.

In closing, it should be illegal give a name to something that it does not represent. A ten percent only bond is in essence a  cash without recourse bond.  It seems very contradictory to give a value to a bond that nobody ever is responsible to pay.

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