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If you need to bail someone out of jail it only makes sense to call the "HOUSE OF BAIL"

The House of Bail handles all of your bail bonding needs in Ohio.  With offices located in Dayton and Springfield Ohio.

We at DOBAIL.COM recognize the importance of Surety Bail Bonds in our society for numerous reasons.  There are many uses of Surety Bail Bonds that our nation can benefit from.  It is important to understand that these types of bonds ensure accountability of people that have been charged with violating the law.

Surety Bail Bonds can provide economic relief to the government in many ways. 

1) Defendant is on a surety bond, they are not being paid for by the state in jail
or prison (relieving overcrowding while at the same time ensuring                          accountability).

2) Before the case is heard Surety Bonds are extremely useful to save the state money and guarantee the appearance of defendants.

3) Conditional Post Conviction Release would help with overcrowding of prisons. (intended for non-violent and juvenile offenders).

4) Allowing 10 percent bonds to be posted as a Surety Bail Bond for 25 percent of the bond value. (Using Michigan's state model).

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